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If this is your first time moving from one place to another, chances are, you don’t know what happens during the move. But you don’t have to worry, because we have a small guide for you. This is a generic guide, and some points may change from one company to another.

Once you hire our services, our moving crew will arrive at your doorstep, around 30 minutes before the scheduled time, along with a van operator, who’ll be driving the padded truck throughout the moving journey. The van operator is usually the supervisor of the team and you’ll be talking to him in case you have any concerns. The moving process and the journey will be explained to you beforehand.

If you hire our packing services, a packing staff will arrive on time to make sure the packing is done by the time the moving team arrives. The packing staff will carefully pack and mark each item and prepare a moving list which will be signed by you. We recommend you to check for incorrect enlisting before you sign it.

Next, our team will start moving the goods to the padded truck. They will have a pre-layout of the best loading order for the van/truck. Your items will be pad wrapped (if required), and will be moved in a floor to roof manner.

All items will be loaded ensuring a tight fit. It means that your items do not shuffle during the transit, which is important for the safety of your goods.

Once that’s been taken care of, the supervisor will provide you with a bill of lading. This bill will actually lay out all the moving conditions, along with the moving date, estimated delivery time, and the quote. So make sure to read everything properly. However, remember that most items here are discussed in advance.

When the team arrives at your new location, they’ll start with the unloading process. If you subscribe to our unwrapping services, our staff will unwrap the items in your presence so that you can see the condition of the goods and ensure that everything arrived safely. Our staff will then place the items securely and complete the move by signing the papers.

Now what are you waiting for?

Call us at (925) 391-2628 and let us move your possessions to your new home/office. Sit back and relax while we happily do all the straining and lifting.

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