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Americans relocate 11.7 times per lifetime on an average, and ⅔ of these moves are interstate moves, i.e., moving from one state to another.

Many people move to California from different states, making it the most populous state in the US. And the city that seems to be attracting the most attention in the state is Concord. There’s no question why Concord is so famous among people all around the US. It is known to be a very relaxing and friendly place to live in. Furthermore, the city has a thriving economy, and many people move here to explore more business opportunities and give their lifestyle the jump it needs.

If you are also planning to move to Concord from another city or state, you'll be embarking on a long distance move.

What’s a Long Distance Move?
You might know what a local or short distance move is. It’s a move when you relocate within a 50-mile radius. If you move more than that, let’s say a 100-mile radius, then it would be considered a long distance move, whether inside a city, county or state.

When you plan to move for such a long distance, it’s always recommended to choose a reliable and affordable moving firm that can take care of your goods during the commute. Otherwise, you may end up having your goods broken or destroyed.

This is where we come in.

Why Choose Us
Affordable Concord Movers has been helping people from all over California to move to and from Concord, CA. But why do people really choose us, what makes us better than others? The answer is simple.

There are only a handful of reliable and affordable moving firms that exist in California, particularly in Concord, CA. If you want to move to or from Concord, then it’s always wise to choose a firm that is situated here for obvious reasons.

We train our crew members and season them to handle even the most fragile items (ornaments, pots, electronics, etc.) with care. They’re determined to keep your goods 100% safe and secure from any kind of damage. This can be done with the help of proper packing materials, putting items securely and arranging them neatly so that there is no issue when dealing with fragile items.

On the other hand, we have padded trucks that are meant to prevent damage from jolts and bumps that naturally occur during the transition. We offer everything that you expect from a moving service. When you hire us, you'll be getting a complete moving solution as we offer everything that you expect from a moving service provider under one roof.

So say goodbye to the worry of moving. Hire us now and let us take care of your goods and items throughout the moving day! Just pick up your phone and call us.

Dial (925) 391-2628, talk to our representative, and get a quote from our estimator. Assign the date for the moving day, and let us help you move worry-free.

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